About me or A challenge called Life…

It was a beautiful autumn day when I saw for the first time the sunlight. I grew up with my grandparents at the countryside. During kindergarten and elementary school I was a normal pupil with normal learning results. High school was an important period for me. There, I have met many wonderful persons and I did many interesting things because the class where I was studying had a journalism profile. I participated at a lot of academic contests in many fields: Romanian literature, English, French, Mathematics, Chemistry, Geography, History, and Philosophy. I also had the chance to work with a local media trust.

At the end of high school, I had to choose the university where I would study further. Finally, after long discussions with my dear ones and meditations over this subject, I have decided to give exams for two universities. My first choice was in the political science field and the second one, in the area of journalism. Because I had passed the exams for the first two faculties and the exam for the Journalism Faculty was in September, I decided to choose from the first two. So after all this, I became a student of the University of Bucharest, at the Faculty of Political Science.

The following year, I have become a student of the Journalism Faculty. In both of the faculties I have found wonderful persons and I made friends. Regarding the happiest day of my life, I can say that I had many happy days; sometimes I find happiness in simple things, but I cannot say that I lived a day that is truly happy.

Until now I do not think that I have had an interesting life. For me, every day is a challenge, especially because I am a student of two universities and I have to do many things. I complain many times, but I have assumed these things because they are part of my life and all this is a challenge. It is just a competition between me and others and on top of everything it is a competition with me and my skills. It is short line between a game and a serious thing. That depends on the events in my life.


2 thoughts on “About me or A challenge called Life…

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